Interior flooring from Kagu Interiors

When working on a new project, especially an entire refurbishment, we usually think about the flooring at KAGU interiors first. The right flooring is so important that we feel if you start off with a good base, the rest, in theory, will set the tone for the rest of the project, which is why we enjoy using and working with Castle Stone products.

interior flooring

Having looked back at the history of the property of this particular project, we came across that this building was once the old stable to the main house, and therefore in our minds, an image of old cobble flooring came to us. Wanting to give the nod to the history of this old building but with a little more contemporary feel, KAGU decided to place our range of Castle Stone (Brick in colour Brown Gray) in the entrance hall and leading on through to the bathroom.

Kagu interior flooring