Hazel Terracotta Lunch Plate


The Hazel lunch plate is a medium sized plate in natural materials that is perfect as a lunch plate or for starters. The terracotta plates are handmade and burned over open fire, which results in each single plate has its own distinctive colour and expression. 

Create a personal and unique table setting with the terracotta plates and enjoy the beautiful terracotta that will just become more beautiful and rustic as time passes.
Plate in ceramics with a warm brown colour. Gives the dinner table a unique and cool look. 

The terracotta plate can be used with the following heatsources: Gas burners or over campfire. The plate is also ovenproof.

H: 4 Ø: 20

Before you use the bowl it is recommended that you rub each product, into cooking oil and put it in a medium warm oven for 30 minutes. The natural terracotta bowls must be cleaned with hot water and soap. Dishwasher is not recommended. The bowls are ovenproof and can be used on gas stoves.

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