Hazel Terracotta Roasting Pot


Large terracotta pot with lid. The functional pot has a raw expression with a rustic surface. The warm nuance is created when the terracotta pottery is burned over fire which means that no two pots are alike. Each pot has its own unique expression and colour nuance. Use the pots to prepare food or use it to serve for example stews or soups.

The bowls are heat resistant and can also be used on a gas cooker. It is not recommended to clean in a dishwasher.


Small: H: 11,5 Ø: 20

Large: H: 16cm Ø: 26cm


  • Before you use the bowl it is recommended that you rub each product, into cooking oil and put it in a medium warm oven for 30 minutes. The natural terracotta bowls must be cleaned with hot water and soap. Dishwasher is not recommended. The bowls are ovenproof and can be used on gas stoves.

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