Ripe Ripple Glassware - Wine & Champagne Glasses



  • Rippled white wine, red wine and champagne glasses. These mouth blown glass have an organic shape that contrasts to the stylish, grooved surface. Use them for serving a cold glass of white wine on the terrace, a glass of red in a cosy snug or for serving a small dessert in. The glass has both a beautiful design and are practical as they are suitable for dishwasher.

White wine: W: 7,2 H: 15 D: 6,5

Red Wine: W: 7,7 H: 16 D: 7,4

  • Champagne glass in clear glass. The mouth blown glass is made with a rippled surface and has a beautiful organic shape. They are perfect for toasting or for a summer night drinking sparkling wine. The glasses are suitable for dishwasher. 

Champagne: W: 4,5 H: 19,7 D: 4,5

Sold in quantities of 1

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