Bringing the Outdoors In…

Those that visit us, know that we often sit amongst houseplants, pot plants and wonderful dried displays within the shop. Kagu Interiors has always centred around green living, with plants being very much part of what forms our offering, as a store and when enhancing an interior project.

We are not a florist but do share an avid love of all things horticulture, offering a great range to all our clients; if you want it, we can source it!


Selling many a ‘Mind Your Own Business’ or cactus to those that like to bring-the-outside-in, we now have witnessed a trend of a 'no holes barred' approach when it comes to kitting out a greener interior.

On a recent visit to a client's house, we found ourselves admiring a wonderful display of grasses as a centrepiece  no over fussy arrangement of heavily staged blooms - just a simple effortless styling that sat far superior.
And this is a branch we wish to extend; with a mood board full of rooms featuring indoor trees, grasses and natural wood  with an emphasis on natural light to achieve a new simplistic style – we would love a project sharing our vision to see it to fruition…

Magical Homestead

Credit: Magical Homestead (Pinterest)