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Having artwork within my house is a must, and although I forget it adorns my walls, it is, nearly always, one of the first things mentioned by visitors at our house.

Artwork also plays a vital role, during the creative stage, of the interior projects that I take on. Not only does it provide an instant colour palette, but it can add an element of texture, create a strong visual impact, and bring a sense of completion to a home.

Claridge Fine Art

Claridge Fine Art

I feel that artwork tells a story; giving the onlooker a little extract about you, the home, and the artist and serves as the perfect way in fusing them altogether and creating an essential focal point within its setting.

Neale Howells

Neale Howells – It’s Nothing Without You

Choosing an artist or gallery can be a daunting subject. The approach from artist – to artwork – to how the gallery market, can be both exciting and terrifying, especially if you aren’t quite sure what you are after, but it needn’t be…

Most galleries have very helpful and knowledgable staff, some may even be the artist themselves and whether a piece is striking and you decide you want it there and then, or need some further expert guidance, most will offer their expertise, advice and assistance even after purchase…

We are very lucky to have a great number of fun galleries right here on our doorstep with some great incentives to help you buy your chosen pieces.

For example, Lilford Gallery offers a ‘help to buy’ art scheme, where you can avoid both deposit and interest, but you can take away a piece of artwork that day to the value of £2,500.00 and pay in instalments over 10 months.

We at Kagu, have even used this wonderful incentive ourselves.

Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier

Artists we Follow

Dan Hiller: https://danhillier.com

Simon Freeborough: https://www.simonfreeborough.com

Bonnie & Clyde: https://www.bonnieandclydeart.com

Magnus Gjoen: https://www.magnusgjoenart.com

Andrew J Millar: https://www.andrewjmillar.com

Neale Howells: https://vimeo.com/93278025

Simon Claridge: https://www.claridgefineart.com

JJ Adams: http://www.jjadamsart.com

Art Galleries

Lilford Gallery (Canterbury): http://www.lilfordgallery.com

Chappell Contemporary (Whitstable): http://chappellcontemporary.com

McCully & Crane (Rye): http://mccullyandcrane.com

Art Republic (Brighton): https://www.artrepublic.com

Simon Freeborough

Simon Freeborough