Castle Stones - We're thrilled to announce...

A UK first...
in Collaboration with Castle Stones 

We are absolutely thrilled to be the main distributor welcoming this stunning range of craftmanship to the UK.

Castle Stones

Originally supplied for an interiors project, we quickly fell in love with these beautiful floor stones.

Working alongside Castle Stones and their team, we soon decided, we wanted to offer them on a broader scale
(if you visit out store, you'll see they are now very much part of our showroom - our beautiful new floor) so we were delighted when we were chosen to be their official agent & distributor, here in the UK.

A quality range to suit all tastes

These stones developed by Maurits Simonette are handmade reproductions of original antique marble and limestone tiles from historic Flemish, French and Italian mansions, villas, castles, monasteries and churches. 

The Castle Stones are optically hard to distinguish from the antique floor coverings. These stones can be used as floor and wall tiles. They are also suitable for toilet areas and floors with floor heating. 

The Castle Stone floors are available in 10 models (Loft, Dallen, Bricks, Dallen Paris, Big Bricks, Bricks, Cobble Stones, Bricks, French Oak Terra Stone, Versailles) and each in nine colour combinations. 

The colour gamut ranges from light beige to dark grey. Ultimately, the strength of a new and innovative product with a historical origin lies in the appearance and choosing the right materials.


 craftmanship stone tile interior       
We cannot wait to help you find your perfect match in flooring.
Whether it's just for supply, or to take you through the design stages to the finish, KAGU will help you make the ideal choice.

Send us an email at, peruse the catalogue, or call our store on 01580762000.